The quality of the staff and student relationships forms the basis of the environment within which the school community functions. At present there is one full-time member of staff helped by other part-time staff; there are also two part-time administrators.  Staff members are all paid equally on a rate considerably lower than the nationally agreed teachers’ pay.  They create friendly, first name relationships with the students, and these relationships are the basis of education and discipline within the school.  It is demanding and intense work, particularly when a student finds it hard to live smoothly within the school community.  Although class sizes are small, the nature of the school demands of its teachers’ high commitment and energy.

Lauren Hutchings - Science
Jane Shipman - English & History
Lou Griffiths - Latin, Classics & Literacy support
Paul Wilkinson - Film & Photography
Roger Farrell - Drama & Computer Science
Mary Billson - Art
Frances Stuart - Science
Sarah Windsor - Geography & Life Skills