Copies of all Small School policy documents are available for inspection in the School Office.

The following polices are available for online viewing and electronic download. You will need Microsoft Word or Microsoft Word viewer to read these documents. You can get the MS Word viewer from here.

If you would like more information on online safety, please have a look at these two widely consulted internet resources; NSPCC - Online Safety, what parents need to know and the UK Safer Internet Centre.

1 Anti-Bullying Policy (Ms Word 21 Kb)

2 Severe Weather Policy (Ms Word 20 Kb)

3 Behaviour Policy (Ms Word 24 Kb)

4 Curriculum Policy (Ms Word 26 Kb)

5 First Aid Policy (Ms Word 28 Kb)

6 Health and Safety on School Trips Policy (Ms Word 19 Kb)

7 Health and Safety Policy (Ms Word 30 Kb)

8 Complaints Policy (Ms Word 32 Kb)

9 Disability Equality Policy (Ms Word 29 Kb)

10 Whistleblowing Policy (Ms Word 22 Kb)

11 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (Ms Word 37 Kb)

12 Provision for Special Educational Needs (Ms Word 33 Kb)

13 Assessment for Learning Policy (Ms Word 32 Kb)

14 Ethos and Aims (Ms Word 21 Kb)

15 Drugs and Substance Abuse Policy (Ms Word 23 Kb)

16 E Safety Policy (Ms Word 24 Kb)

17 Equality Policy (Ms Word 22 Kb)

18 Sex and Relationships Education Policy (Ms Word 24 Kb)

19 Safe and Appropriate Working Practice Policy (Ms Word 32 Kb)

20 Confidentiality Policy (Ms Word 22 Kb)

21 Attendance Policy (Ms Word 22 Kb)

22 Safe Recruitment Policy (Ms Word 30 Kb)

23 Code of Conduct (Ms Word 24Kb)

24 Risk Assessment Policy (Ms Word 49 Kb)